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Resting on his seat comprised of the lustrous dark curves of Sheshnaag, Vishnu was relishing the madhur sangeet from Goddess Saraswati’s veena that was filling the heavenly air. His rolled back eyes were suddenly wide open to the sounds of jingling ghungroos from Goddess Laxmi’s fast approaching feet. Vishnu sensed some trouble in paradise. But little did he know even in his all-knowing capacity that troubled wasn’t he who sat in paradise but the troublemakers chanting his victory on earth. Vishnu gazed upon Laxmi with his everlasting expression and sense of calm, while she stood wrapped beautifully in pink organza outfit with pearls so bright and with a face not so bright. Vishnu at once enquired the reason for Laxmi’s discontent.

He said, “Devi for you are the one who tames all worry. What worry tames you today?”

Laxmi retorts, “Prabhu for you are the epitome of peace and morality. What morality has led the earthly humans to epitomise violence in the peacefulness of “Jai Shree Ram”?”

Vishnu said, “ Devi what is the matter? For your playfulness today hints towards a foul one.”

Laxmi said that the cause of her worries is the vain in which all the ideals of her incarnation as Sita and prabhu’s incarnation as Shree Ram, have fallen.

Vishnu laying back calm and composed told Laxmi to not worry about the deeds of the humans on earth for they are beings far from the knowledge that awaits them in their journey of existence in forms other than humans. “Life on earth”,Vishnu said, “is an adventure where all involved play each one of the parts.”

Laxmi in a voice that was a mix of surprise and irritation, said “Prabhu have you not seen what have humans done on earth? How the shimmer of your alleged house in Ayodhya is no different from the flames of Lanka? For both of them had homes razed to ground with the victorious chant of “Jai Shree Ram”. Only difference is one was to salvage beings the other is to sabotage them. Did you not incarnate as Ram to impart the lesson of peace, love, morality, respect and togetherness? Did your Ram Rajya not come into being so that all can live together as one family be it your manushya (Human) or your Vanarsena (the army of monkeys), be it Vanaraj Sugreev or Garuda? But today in mere quest for Ram Rajya thousands have been killed, violence has been laid as the foundation, atrocities have backed this project. Let alone creatures of different species, humans of different religions are living far from togetherness. They kill and endorse injustice and exclusion. Yet they chant “Jai Shree Ram”. Prabhu I feel this is not jai (victory) but prajai (defeat). Why are you not doing something while a lot has been done to undo what you have done as Shree Ram?

Prabhu, is this not the time for you to venture into what you call adventure? People in this adventure are dying at hands of injustice. Your sena has killed their fellow beings on earth and mongered nothing but violence only to create a Rajya where “Shree ramming”[1]muslims will be justified. While the people die of hunger, lives get ruined by unemployment, poverty, income inequality and other vices, your senahas decided to show you a smokescreen of 300 croresthat will mask all that your do not stand for. Prabhu your arrows put asunder the walls of injustice in Lanka. Have those arrows grown to love the quiver more than your children quivering for life on earth. If I were to descend down to Ayodhya today will I descend in Ram Rajya or a Rajya that has been conquered for Ram?”

Laxmi’s sardonic lament moved Vishnu and he said “Devi I am where there is peace. I am where there is love. I am where there is togetherness. I am where there is place for all my living creatures on earth. My Praja is where my Rajya is. My Rajya is where I am. Epitomes of violence and exclusion aren’t where I am. Therefore my Praja will not come looking for me there for not there I am.”

[1]A play of words “ram – to shove, stab, push” and “Ram” (the God).

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