Auto-Re-Engineering of humans for a progressive, joyous, and happy world - DEVANSH BANSAL

I love computers and technology even though I’m completely aware of the dark side it has. Still, I admire it. It provides us with a synthetic reality (like a tangent Universe in Donnie Darko :P). Reality which might add to your original reality or subtract from it. All depends on you.The reason I’m writing this manual is to illustrate just the same.

The lightning-like progress happening in the world due to the advancing technology humbles me and instills deep gratitude inside. Recently, humans with the help of this ever evolving technology unraveled the deep mythical secret of basics of human structure, Proteins. Yes, we have come very far in terms of understanding how DNA converts to RNA yielding amino acids, multiple folding of which forms proteins making up the human body.

Could there be anything more powerful than these tools which give us access to such technology, that are enabling humans to do super God like activities which couldn’t even be imagined.

Let me ask you who created these tools? Human brain.,at the crux of it all. Let’s get into the technical stuff to understand this.

First lets jump into the brain of the computer first then we will move to ours.

Central Processing Unit, the brain of the CPU has memory (RAM, SSD etc.), an interface between the user and the chips (Operating System).

You write softwares using a coding language which takes certain inputs and produces the output.

Now take this understanding and try applying it to humans.

Whatever we do, think, act is ultimately controlled by our brain. It’s like the CPU, processes the input and delivers the output.

When we touch something hot, the receptors in our skin triggers a signal in the body, which goes to the brain via the nervous system, the brain processes it and gives the output, which is our reaction. If we pause for a second and think more about the processing part, we have a stark realisation. The output is greatly shaped by the logic which we wrote over the years since we were born. All the beliefs, information systems, environment, all the things affect the output of our brain. These parameters deviate the output from its normal course which wouldn’t happen with a new born who just processes the information purely on the basis of core logic and not basing upon experiences, beliefs because there aren’t any.

Recollecting everything till now, we understand that how we react/think or process is shaped by two factors

- the core logic ( We without our ego )

- ego (Experiences, beliefs accumulated since birth)

Now, let’s talk about these two parameters

The core logic of brain - when a human is born, the brain has all the synaptic networks, they just need to be trained with time. Its trained to walk, talk, think etc.

Ego - the training, beliefs, experiences, perceptions that we accumulate since birth during the training process of our brain.

Now, we can define the topic of the article - Auto-Re-Engineering. It means training your mind again right back from step 0. Remove the ego, unlearn everything, then put the ego back. Why should we do that? Because the training which happened since birth, it just happened by default. We never really thought or questioned it when it was happening. But now, we can think about things. But what if the very training that we had since childhood has some errors. Like bugs in a program. Why don’t we solve them? How do we solve them? How do we solve bugs in a software?

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